Hi! My name is Gayle Arnold
I'm a Functional Wellness Consultant
I've spent the past 15 years digging deep into the functions of the body and understanding how our every day choices can impact whether we experience wellness or whether we experience discomfort and suffering.
While experiencing my own health challenges, I developed a passion to understand how the body can maintain and sustain wellness.
This led me to invest in continuing studies at The School of Applied Functional Medicine, where I gained a very comprehensive training into the tenets of Functional Medicine. Through continued education at The Academy of Functional Wellness, I am able to gain real time knowledge concerning the foundational needs of the body.
What People Say
I have been working with Gayle Arnold for the last few months and she has been amazing. I really feel I'm rebuilding my health and we are really getting to.the root of my problems. I tried for so long to clear it on my own and it was tough.

You do a fantastic job and when people are in so much pain they really need the help you give because I would not be where I am today with out you.

I just want to say how much Gayle has changed my life. My h pylori is gone, a host of other health issues are starting to dissipate as well. I honestly don't know where to share my thanks but there is hope you can get your health back. I got ill about ten years ago and after countless visits to GPS, hospital, natural doctors, holistic health etc these each have all helped in a certain way, Gayle has been the one who really helped me build my foundations and treated me with such care and respect and put everything together for me.

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