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I partner with clients to build the foundations their unique body needs so they can take charge of owning their health.



Really bad brain fog from all the antibiotics, didn’t even help with H. Pylori, just made symptoms worse.  With Gayle’s a unique strategy, within a week the brain fog was gone and stomach issues definitely improved! MS–NY, USA



Two rounds of antibiotics did not help, so I decided to explore different path. Gayle is knowledgeable, approachable and diligent. She works hard to get to the bottom of the problem. I received a road map to a long-term lifestyle as well as education on what H Pylori is and what to expect and how to approach it, should it re-occur in the future. DR–CA, USA

Natural Remedies Work!

I’ve been dealing with hpylori for a while and when the doctor did an endoscopy, she told me I was pre cancerous. I tried so many antibiotics none of them worked, I had severe gastritis and amongst other issues and when I got into this group I met Gayle Arnold she posts really great things so I reached out to her. I sent her all my labs including my endoscopy, we spoke I was convinced that I had to try the natural way and allow my body to heal itself. sure enough after working with Gayle, she helped me get on a regimen to heal my gut whilst ridding me of hpylori and I had my second endoscopy after 6 months and my gastritis is mild I have no heart burn and the best part is the hpylori is gone. Don’t lose hope there are natural ways to heal your body, research and be patient and follow through. MS–NJ, USA

Hi! My name is Gayle Arnold.

I’m a Functional Wellness Consultant.

I’ve spent many years of my life feeling fatigued with daily stomach issues.  I just accepted this as part of my body.

In my 20’s I had a doctor tell me I needed a blood transfusion because my “blood was so low.” I was young and didn’t think much about it, I just continued to feel tired, fatigued with stomach upset every day.

While raising my kids, they experienced lot of ear infections and were on many rounds of antibiotics.  And wanting to be a good mom, I wanted to understand more about what was happening to them.  I started digging into health and wellness.

After being diagnosed hypothyroid in my 40’s, I started on thyroid medication.  When I would question my PCP about thyroid hormone and why I was taking those meds, he didn’t seem to know much.  The medication made me swing back and forth from hypo to hyper- thyroid and I didn’t notice much difference in how I felt.  I started questioning his experience and eventually sought out another dr.

This triggered something in me. Along with every woman I knew around my age taking thyroid medication—no one knew why, or what to expect. No one would or could answer my questions about the thyroid or the medication I was taking.  This motivated me to dig deep into hormones, specifically the thyroid hormone. Eventually it led me to begin delving into the intricacies of  functional wellness.

Through lots of reading, talking with a compounding pharmacist, I came to realize I had lot of power over how my body functions and the choices I could make to support my wellness without hindering my body’s natural functions. By making connections between the choices I was making and the symptoms I was experiencing I began to learn how to take charge of my health.

Over the last 20 yrs I’ve delved even deeper into functional wellness. I come to understand that conventional care is lacking in its approach to chronic health issues and the ability to support wellness—instead of supporting sickness.

My education brought awareness to the importance of establishing foundations for the body to experience wellness. Just like growing a garden or building a house, basics need to be in place before the body can recovery from illness or maintain wellness.

To endure the toxic world we live in and to thrive in the way we all deserve, those foundations must be in place—whether it’s fatigue, a diagnosed illness, or a gut infection.

When I partner with clients, we establish those foundations.  We’ll need to clean up some things, and add in a few more, probably rethink some choices and reframe some thinking.

This a different way of taking charge and owning your unique wellness.  Most of us have been conditioned to think we have no power over how our body functions.  With this approach, you have the tools to really own your wellness.  Using this approach, my clients regain their ability to digest and absorb, while they’re learning what tools their unique body needs to build wellness and maintain and sustain it for the long term.



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